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SO Translation & Consultancy Services

SO Translation & Consultancy Services



SO Translation & Consultancy has been founded as a Translation and Consultancy Company which has paved the road to the present with the more than a decades experience and the drive to reach the best in search for quality. Having adopted the principle of rendering the most qualified, fast and effective service among for their customer, ensuring every document translation is assigned to the most appropriate members of a specialised team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors, SO Translation & Consultancy pays extraordinary attention and shows flexibility in regard to the clients' needs and high quality standards, resulting in the ultra-reliable, professional translation service that regular customers value.

Document translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

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Including private and group English course (Business English courses, translator-interpreter training courses, etc.)to their wide range of services, SO tries to improve its customer base by leaving a legacy to the future generations their quality and globe-spanning operation.With a special approach to English teaching and the curriculum specially prepared for each individual, SO is pretentious to find the best option for their customers.

Among its wide range of services, SO renders consultancy to individuals and companies for project management, tender procedures, contract formation and management. With a customer-driven approach to accompany their customers in reaching to their individual and corporate goals, SO stipulates to assist them in every step they take.



You ask for what you want, let SO to improve it.

SO Translation & Consultancy Services, aiming to render you a service beyond your expectations, enlightens the road for you, wishing to keep your horizon crystal clear.

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Our mission is to bridge people and technology, render high quality and outstanding service in a timely manner with an innovative approach and a qualified team, based on a strong commitment to the principle of confidentiality.


Our vision is to become a company which renders world class service to its customers creating an international network of solution partners and  leading sectoral and technological innovations, enlightens the sector.

Social responsibility

In a fast growing world, we adopt the principle of equal rights and cohabitation of species in peace. That's why SO is a member of TEMA and UNICEF and in compliance with its principles in every step.

Quality Policy

Quality is an integral asset for us. Therefore, SO closely follows every technologic development and innovations in the sector. Integrating a coordinated and synchronized process for all the services, SO targets the best interest of the customers by ensuring high quality standards.


All the information regarding our customers from similar or different sectors, and with varying expectations are kept highly confidential.


We are a big family of passionate travellers of time and culture. We are happy to be lost in translation and to share what we have learned on the road.

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